Our process

Unique design & deployment

Each client is guided through Haffner’s unique design and deployment process ensuring that throughput demands are met and all staff is trained on newly installed machines.


Client requirement review

Our custom solutions approach starts with an integrated project overview. Our team takes a deep dive into the needs of your production line to formulate the best machine options.


Commercial proposal & detailed technical review

A comprehensive capacity plan is generated which provides a detailed scope of data flow, machine line profiles, quantities & output.


Factory build & factory acceptance testing

As part of a phased order processing plan, customers participate in the factory acceptance testing of the equipment either remotely or in person.


Installation/Setup & customer acceptance testing

After all build phases are complete, our technical staff will evaluate the production capacity and compare it against the original capacity plan to ensure client success.


Turnkey training

Haffner certified technicians will train existing staff on machine operations and deploy remote viewing if applicable.