1800S Spinner  Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

1800S Spinner 

The 1800S Spinner  has a Conveyor belt on hydraulic lift for ease of loading. It has unlimited length of product for wrapping. The 1800S Spinner also comes with variable length as required with a conveyorized offload table. Last but not least, it comes with an HMI screen with proprietary easy to use software.


  • Conveyor belt on hydraulic lift for ease of loading
  • Unlimited length of product for wrapping
  • Variable length as required conveyorized offload table
  • HMI screen with proprietory easy to use software

Video Demo & Application

Specs & Sizing

Product Wrap Size
Maximum length: unlimited Minimum dimensions: (W x H x L): 100 mm x 18 mm x 550 mm*                                                       *with short part nail
Conveyor Belt Features
Useful length: 1924 mm Total length: 2,000 mm
Working height: 900 mm Electric Motor Power: .75 W
Max. Speed: 10 mm/second Max. load capacity: 150 kg/meter
Stretch Film Features
Max width: 250 mm Max. Diameter: 250 mm
Reel Core Diameter: 76 mm Recommended thickness: 20, 30, 35 micron
Machine General Features
Main motor power: 2.2W Max. Ring Rotation Speed: 50 rpm
Min. Ring Rotation Speed: 50 rpm Electronic Control Components: Siemens, Schneider, LS
Total weight: 1200 kg