Automation and Planning for a Successful Post Covid-19 Transition

Blog Post

Date Published: 12/8/2021

Every facility has been impacted by the pandemic to different degrees, as our industry is facing difficult challenges. This is valuable opportunity to assess and plan for the return to the new normalcy.

Some of the questions to think about for a safe and efficient plant:

  • Will there be social distancing requirements within your facility?
  • Will you be able to recall the same skilled people? How much effort will need to be applied to Training?
  • Will you be able to keep up with demand?

At Haffner Machinery, we’re here to support you. We can help your business come out stronger on the other end, by partnering with you to develop innovative solutions.

  • Providing social distancing through automatic processes, reducing the number of people working within close proximity.
    • For example. Our new FAC-100 Frame Assembly System will assemble window frames with multiple mullions in minutes with one operator. This replace 4 people in close proximity.
  • Combining one single operator on a CNC fabrication center, rather than having multiple individuals operating separate machinery for cutting/punching/drilling.

Isn’t this worth starting a conversation now?

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