CT- 303 Glazing Station


The CT-303 Glazing Station is designed for placing glass and attaching glass to frame and / or wing joinery of aluminum doors and windows. The table can rise vertically, making it easier for operators to work on the frames.  With the sequential parallel clamping unit placed in the vertical direction, the frames are fixed with a smooth square with a reference to the left side of the unit. Sash fastening and glass attachment processes are performed respectively on the fixed frames.


  • Fast assembly of windows, doors and elements
  • Maintains an accurate balance by means of parallel clamping unit
  • The upwards slide movement of the table eases working on the frames
  • The glazed frame can be packed and then transferred effortlessly by sliding on the reels

Video Demo & Application

Specs & Sizing

Max. frame height 78.75 inches 2000 mm
Max. frame width 93 inches 2360 mm
Max. frame weight 265 lbs 120 kg
Air consumption 1.75 CFM 50 L/min
Air pressure 90-120 psi 6-8 Bar
Machine length 118 inches 3000 mm
Machine width 39.5 inches 1000 mm
Machine height 88.5 inches 2250 mm
Machine weight 904 lbs 410 kg