DMC-053 PVC Profile Machining Center


DMC-053 Profile Machining Center is designed to perform all cutting, milling, drilling and marking operations on American and European PVC profiles in a computer controled. In this way, the processes performed in 3 different machines (cutting, copy milling, routing drain slot) with 3 operators are collected in a single machine, while production speed and quality standardization are achieved, labor costs are effectively reduced.


  • Stacking of 10 profiles up to 6500 mm on the loading conveyor
  • Servo motor controlled profile holder can be positioned horizontal automatically and drive different designs and sizes into the machine
  • Using a sensor, profiles placed on the loading belt can be automatically measured and put into production
  • Profile recognition system that warns the operator in case of incorrect profile loading

Video Demo & Application

Specs & Sizing

Power Supply: 400 V, 3~ 50-60 Hz Total Power Output: 25 kW, 37,5 A
Saw Diameter : Ø 500 mm Max. Profile Processing Height : 160 mm
Max. Profile Processing Width : 130 mm Min. Profile Processing Height: 35 mm
Min. Profile Processing Width: 35 mm Max. Raw Profile Length : 6500 mm
Min. Raw Profile Length: 500 mm Max. Raw Profile Length: 4000 mm
Min. Profile Processing Length: 330 mm Air Pressure: 6-8 bar
Air Consumption: 608 l/min. Machine Height : 2360 mm
Machine Length : 14900 mm Machine Width: 3500 mm
Machine Weight : 3650 kg