DS-902 Reinforcement Profile Cutting Center


DS-902 Plasma Machining Center is designed to perform all cutting, punching and unloading operations on the reinforcement steel used in PVC profiles in a single station, with computer control. In this way, the production speed and quality standardization are ensured, and labor costs have been greatly reduced thanks to the automatic pre-processing of the reinforcement sheets with PVC profiles or manually outside.


  • Advanced industrial CNC 4-axis profile processing centre
  • Stacking of 10 profiles (max 6,000 mm length)
  • High-tech plasma cutting unit
  • Slot opening and hole drilling operation is facilitated by plasma unit and cutting operation is facilitated by punch group on steel reinforcement profiles
  • Adopts imported high precision linear bearing system, ball screws, gear racks and servo motor to ensure smooth motion, positioning and processing in high precision
  • Problem identification, solution and servicing by means of remote connections

Specs & Sizing

Power Supply: 400V, 50Hz Power Output: 15kW, 40A
Air Consumption: 300 l/min Minimum Profile Height: 20mm
Maximum Profile Height: 60 mm Minimum Profile Width: 20 mm
Maximum Profile Width: 60 mm Minimum Profile Processing Length: 330 mm
Minimum Row Profile Length: 500 mm Machine Height: 2150 mm
Machine Length: 13,360 mm Conveyor Length: 2910 mm
Machine Width: 2645 mm Machine Weight: 3,750 kg