AL-220/70 Aluminum Profile Processing Centre

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Model number: AL-220/70
Description All cutting, notching, milling, drilling and marking operations on the aluminum profiles have been integrated together in a single computer-controlled machine.
7 profile stacking possibility, 600 mm (19.69 in.) saw diameter (Max. raw profile length 7 meter (22.96 ft.)). Automatic horizontal/vertical positionable gripper.
Able to make automatic cutting at all angles between 45° and 135° in 0.1° increments via servo motors. 0°C – 360° rotatable servo controlled gripper.
Able to work with high speed and sensitivity due to 9 axes controlled by servo motors.
Feature able to perform opening, drilling and milling operations of angled water drainage channels.
Able to carry remaining waste parts to the waste chamber with automatic conveyor system.
Increased production speed with simultaneous machining of barrel, mirror and arm on doors.
Able to perform all operations sensitively with an 12-tool set in the milling group.
15” Touch screen.
High performance industrial PC working between 0°C – 55°C (32°F – 131°F) without an additional fan.
Working with production data input from different window production software programs to allow minimum waste.
All error messages can be monitored from the screen.
Able to provide service and troubleshooting with remote connection method.
Operating system ensures maximum safety measures against virus spreading and user errors by cleaning unnecessary processes of the last login automatically at every opening/closing of the machine.
Remote network connection or data transfer via USB.
Possibility to perform daily back up operation to internal back up unit automatically.
Daily, weekly, monthly and annually production control with shift control system.
Central lubricating system that facilitates machine maintenance.
Operating and Maintenance manual and Tool Kit.
Estimated Hours Used 100
Notes Year built -2021, Excellent condition
Power Supply 240, 400, 480 or 575 V, 3 ph., 50/60 Hz
Connected Load: 20 kW (56.60, 33.96, 28.30 or 23.62 F.L.A. (calculated))
Minimum Profile Processing Height: 35 mm (1.37 in.) Maximum Profile Processing Height: 185 mm (7.28 in.)
Maximum Profile Processing Width: 225 mm (8.85 in.) Minimum Raw Profile Length: 1,000 mm (39.37 in.)
Maximum Raw Profile Length: 6,500 mm (255.90 in.) Minimum Profile Processing Length: 350 mm (13.77 in.)
Maximum Profile Processing Length: 6,500 mm (255.90 in.) Working Air Pressure: 6-8 bar (90-120 psi)
Air Consumption: 750 l/min. (26.48 cfm) Machine Height: 2,500 mm (98.42 in.)
Machine Length: 15,300 mm (602.36 in.) Machine Width: 3,600 mm (141.73 in.)
Machine Weight: 5,700 kg (12,570 lbs.)
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