MAC- 540 Aluminum Profile Processing Center

MAC- 540

MAC-540 Profile Machining Center is designed to perform the standard operations on profiles such as milling, drilling, milling and marking, with computer control. The 5-axis tool holder provides superior flexibility and control on multiple operations. Processes performed on more than one cutting machine are collected in a single machine, ensuring production speed and quality standardization, while labor resources are optimized.


  • MAC-540 aluminum profile processing center is designed for milling, drilling, cutting and aluminum profiles in 5-axis
  • 5-Axis movement controlled by high-precision servomotors
  • 4 meters / 9 meters of machinable length
  • Electric Spindle Motor Max Power S1/S6 (15 kW/17kW, 18000/24000 rpm), with suitable for material removal processes during milling and drilling operations
  • Tool magazine holding up to 16 tools + 1(Saw)
  • Automatic Positioning Clamps

Specs & Sizing

Traverse Path X-axis: 11900 mm, Vmax 75 m/min
Voltage: 400V 50-60Hz
Traverse Path Y-axis: 1360 mm Vmax 60 m/min
Spindle Motor Max Power: S1/S6 15 kW / 17kW
Traverse Path Z-axis: 735 mm Vmax 40 m/min
Adjustable Electro Spindle Motor: 24000 rpm
Max. Machinable Length: 9000 mm
Tool Holder: HSK F63
Tool Magazine: 16 + 1 (Saw) pcs
Spindle Motor Max Torq: S1/S6 11.9 / 13.8 Nm
Max. Milling Blade Diameter: 500 mm
Operating Pressure: 6-7 bar
Max. Profile Width: 650 mm
Total Installed Power: 26 kW
Max. Profile Height: 400 mm
Machine Height: 2620 mm
Number of Standard Vices: 10 pcs
Machine Width: 3620 mm
Vices Positioning Automatic
Machine Length: 13230 mm
Zero Reference Point Number: 4 Pneumatic