TT-352 Double Mitre Saw


TT-352 Double Head Miter Saw can easily cut Aluminum and PVC profiles with 2 saws with a diameter of 350 mm, working with the principle of “top stroke”. The saw speed can be adjusted. TT-352 Double Miter Saw enables cutting of internal and external angles with a wide cutting range from 45 ° to 135 ° In addition to main fixing points 45 °, 90 ° and 135 ° angles, it also has special fixing points for intermediate angles such as 60 °, 67.5 ° and 75 °.


  • For PVC profile cutting with 350mm saw blades
  • The movable head can be manually positioned at the desired length by controlling the digital display and pneumatically fixed
  • Standard equipped with digital measuring system
  • Pivoting range from 45° to 90° left and right provide to work both internal and external dimensions. The pivoting range can be infinitely adjusted and fixed by manual clamping
  • Location points at 45°, 60°, 67.5°, 75° and 90° ease to adjust the head at most common angles
  • Wrap around guards ensure working safety
  • Two hand safety control
  • Vertical pneumatic clamps ensure optimum profile fixing
  • 6 metre machine
  • AH-042 Hydro pneumatic cylinder
  • AS-022 Cooling system to cut Aluminium profiles

Specs & Sizing

Power supply: 415V, 3ph, 50–60Hz
Total output of each motor: 1.1kW
Spindle speed: 2,800rpm
Max. profile width: 150mm
Max. cutting length: 3,700mm
Min. cutting length: 410mm
Air pressure: 6-8 bar
Machine height: (incl. display) 1,750mm
Machine length: 4,500mm
Machine width: 1,050mm
Machine weight: 425kg