TT- 426 Double Mitre Saw

TT- 426

TT-426 Double Head Cutting Machine can easily cut aluminum and PVC profiles with 2 saws each with a 650 mm diameter, works with the “undercut” principle and adjustable saw output speed. Parts up to 7500 mm can be cut automatically. It has a strong construction specially designed for best cutting quality, length and angle precision.


  • Machine bed made of steel sheet, cutting length 4000 mm standard, 6000 mm and 7500 mm optional.
  • Solid cast construction for length and angle accuracy.
  • Length and cutting accuracy due to strong construction and linear bearing system.
  • Position accuracy possible with angle deviations is less than 0.1°.
  • Pivoting range with digital angle display.
  • Chop and oversize length cuts (min: 4 mm – max: 7500 mm).
  • Profile lifting bars.
  • Automatic closing safety hood to protect the employee.
  • 2 standard vertical clamping system and 1 optional horizontal clamping system to ensure optimum profile fixing.
  • Data transfer by means of Network connection or USB.
  • Item number, length dimensions, angles and quantities can be programmed on the control panel (2.000 x 10: able to cut in different program).
Available Options
  • Machine can be produced 6000 mm and 7500 mm in length upon request
  • Tilt range with digital angle display
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
  • Label printer
  • Transom stop and lead-cut stop
  • Dust and chips extraction system
  • Additional roller conveyor for the fixed head
  • Pivot controlled tilt angles
  • Servo controlled tilt angles
  • Cooling system for the electrical cabinet

Specs & Sizing

Minimum cutting length: 90° 550 mm
Minimum cutting length tilted: 45° 550 mm
Minimum cutting length pivoted at 45° 850 mm
Pivoting range inwards 90°- 45° with accuracy up to 0.1°
Tilting range inwards pneumatically 90°- 45°
7.0″, 800 x 480 (WVGA) resolution
Saw blade speed: 2800 rpm
Two saw blades diameter each: 650 mm
Power supply: 230/400 V, 3~, 50 Hz
Power output per motor: 4 kW
Compressed air supply: 7 bar
Air consumption/working cycle: 34 l without spraying, 60 l with spraying