TT- 450 Double Head Mitre Saw

TT- 450

TT-450 Double Head Miter Saw can easily cuts Aluminum profiles with 2 saws in 500 mm diameter and working with the “oncoming” principle. Parts up to 4200mm can be cut automatically. It has a strong construction specially designed for cutting quality, length and angle precision.


  • Two-hand safety controls and automatic safety covers with window inserts.
  • Saw heads can cut inward or outward.
  • Angles between 45° – 90° and 90° – 135° can be adjusted manually.
  • Length, angle and cutting accuracy thanks to strong construction and linear bearing system.
  • 500 mm (19.69 in.) diameter saw blade enables accurate cutting of different profile sizes.
  • More precise and serial cutting by tolerating failures which are caused by profile width with automatic profile measurement system during outward cutting process.
  • Can cut a maximum 4,500 mm (177.16 in.) long profiles.
  • Automatic positioning of the mobile head by means of a PLC control system with Windows CE.
  • Item number, length dimensions, angles and quantities can be programmed on the control panel (2,000 x 10 data points: able to cut in different program).
  • Data transfer by means of network connection or USB.
  • Adjustable saw movement speed.
  • Continues where it left by switching among different cutting.
  • Profile support conveyor on mobile head balances the profile being worked on.
  • In long-length profile cutting, automatic support mechanisms which work between the fixed and mobile head prevents profile deflection and provides smooth and precise cutting.
  • Horizontal and vertical clamping system to ensure optimum profile clamping.
  • Filter-Regulator-Lubricator for incoming air supply.
  • Pulse spray mist blade lubricant system.
  • Operating and Maintenance manual.
  • 2-year Limited Warranty (see Notes).
Available Options
  • Chips are transported to the evacuation tank by an automatic conveyor belt during the cutting process
  • Automatic sawing (cut-off) software (90° cutting only)
  • Chip collection system
  • Machine can be produced for 6,000 mm (236.22 in.) and 7,500 mm (295.27 in.) maximum cutting lengths upon request
  • Barcode printer
  • Saw blades for different profile types
  • Operating voltage may require an external transformer
  • Consult factory for lengths and specifications not mentioned above
  • North American measurements are approximate
  • Months 1-12 of the limited warranty cover parts and labor; months 13-24 cover parts only. See our Warranty Statement for details
  • Haffner reserves the right to make technical changes at any time

Specs & Sizing

Power supply: 240, 400, 480 or 575V, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz
Connected load: 6.55 kW (18.54, 11.12, 9.27 or 7.74 A (calculated))
Saw blade motor power: 3 kW (4.02 hp) x 2
Saw blade speed: 2,800 rpm (50 Hz) or 3,360 rpm (60 Hz)
Saw blade diameter: 500 mm (19.69 in.)
Minimum cutting length: 350 mm (13.77 in.)
Maximum cutting length: 4,500 mm (177.16 in.)
Working air pressure: 6-8 bar (90-120 psi)
Air consumption: 60 l/min. (2.12 cfm)
Machine height: 1,750 mm (68.89 in.)
Machine length: 8,000 mm (314.96 in.)
Machine width: 1,700 mm (66.92 in.)
Machine weight: 1,800 kg. (3,970 lbs.)