Single Line 1: Four Head Welding Machine & CNC Corner Cleaning Machine

Single Line 1

Single Line 1 is created with the integration of KD 658/20 Four Corner Welding Machine, CK 187 Cooling Station, CK 180 Quick Turning Robot and CN 770/20 CNC Corner Cleaning Machine. From welding to cleaning, every stage of the profile processing is controlled by the computer. The CN 770/20 Corner Cleaning Machine can start the cleaning process of the frame while the KD 658/20 Four Corner Welding machine starts the welding of a new frame. The servo rotation robot ensures that the frames are rotated fast and are stable for corner positioning (small frames 1 sec., large frames 1.5 – sec.) Profile information is automatically transferred from the welding machine.


  • Efficient combination of KD-658/20 Four Head Welding Machine, CK-187 Buffer Station, CK 180 Faster Turning Robot and CN 770/20 CNC corner cleaning machine in one production unit.
  • Welded frame or sash is automatically transferred to the corner cleaning machine with all the data about the profile.
  • All phases of the operation from loading of the profiles to the welding and corner cleaning process up to the unloading of the frames or sashes are controlled by computer.
  • CN-770/20 Corner Cleaning Machine can start cleaning the corners while the Four Head Welding Machine starts the welding process.
  • Servo controlled CK-180 Faster Turning Robot turns the frame or sash at an appropriate speed related with the size and provides four corners to be cleaned.
  • Corner cleaning machine automatically adjusts rotation speed with the receiving data from welding machine about geometric shapes, measurements and calculation of reinforcement steel weight.
  • High mechanical stability, Servo Controlled CK-180 Faster Turning Robot enables fast and stable frame turning with high accuracy; Small frames: 1 second, large frames: 1,5 – 4 second, the positioning can done by turning the corner.
  • Profile identification information is automatically transferred from the welding machine.
  • Durable and precision movement of axis due to hardened rack and zero backlash gearboxes used in the gear system.
  • Online connection to the entire system, remote detection of malfunctions and maintenance is available.
  • The rails are specially coated to prevent corrosion.
  • Central lubrication system eases maintenance.
CK-187 Buffer Cooling Station
  • Cooling station transfers the welded frames or sashes from four head welding machine to turning station for corner cleaning
  • Waiting time for cooling is controlled by the computer of the welding machine
CK-180 Faster Turning Robot
  • CN-770/20 and CN-772 CNC Corner Cleaning Machine are integrated to work together
  • Automatically transfers the frame or sash and positions the corner to be processed one by one into the corner cleaning machine
  • Transports the processed frame or sash to the off loading area
Available Options
  • Barcode reader
  • Gasket pressing system
  • Automatic 0,2 mm and 1,2 mm welding seam restriction setting

Video Demo & Application

Specs & Sizing

  KD 658/20 CN 770/20
Power supply 415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz 415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
Power output 11.75 kw, 30.9A 7 kW, 18A
Max profile height 180 mm 150 mm
Min profile height 30 mm 30 mm
Max profile width 120 mm 120 mm
Air pressure 6-8 bar 6-8 bar
Machine height 1,600 mm 1,960 mm
Machine length 4,600 mm 1,720 mm
Machine width 4,300 mm 750 mm
Machine Weight 1,665 kg 500 kg