Single Line 4: Automatic Welding & Corner Cleaning Center

Single Line 4

Single Line 4 Automation Production Line provides high capacity production at maximum efficiency without loss of labor from the welding process to the corner cleaning. It automatically performs welding and cleaning operations by sending data to the Four Corner Welding machine with the help of barcode or network connection of PVC frames in different types and sizes. It enables high capacity production by integrating 2 or 3 four corner welding machines and four corner cleaning machines.


  • Formed for high capacity production by combining 2 or 3 horizontal four head welding machines with four corner cleaning machine.
  • Automated production line enables working at maximum productivity from the welding machine to the end of the offloading station
  • The integrated system provides high capacity and high quality production at minimum space
  • Movable and stable transfer stations automatically carry the frames or sashes from the welding machine to the corner cleaning machine then to the offloading station
  • Wireless data communication between the stations enables synchronization
  • All phases of the operation from loading of the profiles to the welding and corner cleaning process up to the unloading of the frames or sashes are controlled by computer
  • Profile identification information is automatically transferred from the welding machine
  • Durable and precision movement of axis due to hardened rack and zero backlash gearboxes used in the gear system.
  • Online connection to the entire system enabling detection of malfunctions and remote maintenance is available.
  • The rails are specially coated to prevent corrosion
CK-188 Buffer Cooling Station
  • Cooling station that transfers the welded frames or sashes from four head welding machine to turning station for corner cleaning
  • Waiting time for cooling is controlled by the computer of the welding machine
  • Computer controlled triple handle drilling and espagnolette canal milling
CK-190 Buffer Ordering Conveyor
  • Automatically moving table on rails from one buffer station to the other which transfers the welded frames or sashes to corner cleaning line
CK-195 Off Loading Conveyor
  • Transports the processed frame or sash to the off loading area
CK-196 Window Separating Conveyor
  • Automatically transfers the frame or sash and positions the corner to be processed one by one into the corner cleaning machine
  • Two under table transporters and robot clamping system enables faster operation
  • By the horizontal and vertical belt system, stable transfer of the frames or sashes to the CNC Corner cleaning machine is enabled
Available Options
  • Barcode reader
  • Gasket pressing system
  • Automatic 0,2 mm and 1,2 mm welding seam restriction setting