High quality machinery and systems for window and door fabricators

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What we offer

Application Solutions

Automated Screen Insertion and Assembly

The SAC-845 is a fully automated manufacturing cell for the complete fabrication and assembly of window screens. Reallocate your personnel to other more critical needs within the manufacturing process.


PVC Patio Doors

The DMC-053 PVC Profile Machining Center is a robust assembly package. Specifically designed for patio doors, it’s equipped with an automated multi-function tool ring for maximized production efficiency.


PVC Double Hung Windows, Sash & Frame

The DMC-050-00 & DMC-050-10 PVC Double Hung Windows, Sash & Frame machines are meticulously designed to deliver complete end product from start to finish. From cutting to welding it can handle a full scale of machine automation.


Automated French Doors

Complete manufacturing solutions for bi-fold patio doors (french doors) with the SC-220/70, a fully automated production line. From milling, drilling and waste management, this solution is the perfect machine to increase productivity.


Automated Frame Assembly

Technology meets production efficiency with the SAC-100 automated frame assembly center. Increased production with increased quality and reduced production intervals.



The Right Machines Matter

Increase Production & Streamline Manufacturing

Our customer focused approach makes Haffner more than a product and service supplier, but an experienced, technically oriented partner providing unique solutions for a customer’s manufacturing and throughput demands. Whether focused on new construction or replacement/remodeling in either the residential or commercial/architectural fenestration markets, Haffner Machinery has your business covered with customized machines. Haffner Machinery assures the quality and control of all components that go into our machines.

High Quality Machinery, High Quality Service

Our senior engineers can assess your factory to improve efficiency and throughput.

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Our Commitment

Best in Class Service

Your production is our goal. Haffner machines are backed by a 1 year warranty & continued support post-installation with:

Real Time Monitoring

Cloud based real time monitoring software to optimize uptime and performance.

Remote Viewing

Video and analytic capability to remote view and monitor Haffner machine performance.


Engineering resources available to analyze specific needs for customized solutions.

Quick Response

Aftermarket service both parts and labour availability for quick response.

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Our Solutions Team Delivers Results

CNC Automation

Big ROI for Custom Solution

Our customer had no CNC machinery and everything was built manually. After extensive review and prioritizing, CNC machinery was introduced in selected areas and then progressively throughout the factory.

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What our clients say

Happy Customers

In order to deliver industry leading results, our team integrates with our clients’ business to better understand their core needs. From early planning to delivery and training, our team is committed to increasing efficiencies and production through automated machine solutions.

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After the extensive process of researching, purchasing and setting up a new piece of equipment, we feel that we got great value in our purchase of a twin-head saw from Haffner North America. Recognizing that our requirement was very specific, Haffner provided the necessary expertise and was tireless in working through the numerous problems to get the machine up and running.

They have provided several solutions to automate some of our processes. We are both in this together.



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